Four major immigrant couples

Regarding the United States Gelderloos families, there were four major immigrant couples who began the vast majority of the Gelderloos family members in the United States.

The first immigrant family was Jurgen Jacobs Gelderloos (b.1828) and Hiltje Buikema (b.1833) and their five+ children (Hiltje was pregnant for Hilbert during their immigration). They arrived in New York on 14 May 1872. He and his family settled in the Holland, Michigan area. Until the 1990’s most of their descendants lived in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

The second Gelderloos family to immigrate was Hinderikus (Cornelis) Gelderloos (b.1851) and his wife Cornelia Dijkema (b.1859). They arrived on 10 March 1880. He and his family settled in the Muskegon, Michigan area, where many of his descendants still reside. Hinderikus was a nephew of Jurgen.

The third immigrant family to arrive in the United States was Hendrikus Klaas Gelderloos (b.1849), his second wife Johanna De Boer (b.1859) and Klaas (Hendrikus) (Nicholas) Gelderloos (b.1878), a son from Hendrikus’s first wife Geertje Jans van der Leeuw (1852-1880). Hendrikus Klaas was a first cousin to Hinderikus (Cornelis), and also a nephew of Jurgen, and he also settled in the Muskegon, Michigan area.

The fourth immigrant family was Heiko Gelderloos (b.1879) and his wife Caterina (Catherina) Klompien (b.1875) and their three+ children (Caterina was also pregnant during their immigration). They arrived in New York, New York on 5 May 1906. They settled in the south Chicago, Illinois area. The relationship of Heiko to Jurgen is distant.

Remaining United States Gelderloos families
The remaining United States Gelderloos families are descendants of three other immigrants. Hendrik Jan Gelderloos (b.1916) left the Netherlands some time after 1943, but before 1950. He and his wife Elisabeth van Kampen (b. 1917) lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is unknown when they moved to the U.S., but Hendrik Jan (Sr.) died in Florida, USA in 1984. His son, wife, and daughter also live in Florida.
Pouwel Gelderloos (b.1949) and his wife Mirjam Schreuder immigrated to the United States in about 1981 with two children. They settled in the State of Montana.
Jacco Jurrien Gelderloos (b.1974) immigrated to the United States and is currently living with his wife Stephanie Ann Irvin (b.1971) and their two daughters in the Detroit, Michigan area.

According to the research of Harold J. Gelderloos Jr. as of 1 January 2010, this represents the origins of the United States Gelderloos families.

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